No Negligence to Culture with Gambling

No Negligence to Culture with Gambling
Written by Federick

As we see, gambling is the exploitation of others, the deception and the deception. Malice becomes a legal cultural virtue. It is clear that you want to take something away from others while they hope for profit. So it’s about losing weight to others against their will. Whoever wants to justify the (symmetrical) gambling can argue that yes all players are familiar with the situation and the rules, but the social situation of the players is usually very different. She is not up for debate. Gambling is actually the legal framework for exploiting others. This legal framework is constructed ad hoc. In every Pocker-Western the winners speak of “rules of the game” and in the Europe of the past centuries the stupid saying “gambling debts are debt of honor” has spread. Contempt for human beings can accept the farm by rules, but also by laws. At the S128 everything goes perfect.

So whenever gambling takes place, players have to despise each other because they want to plunder each other. Gambling cultivates irresponsibility. Whoever defends gambling is therefore right in the political spectrum.

The vernacular says, ” Who betrays the cheat. “That does not mean that bets are betrayed on every bet, but that people who play money with each other (as far as amounts relevant to existence are concerned) are also ready to commit fraud because they are concerned about the fate of other people do not care. – Because they plunder her. Gambling legalizes the fraud.

No Negligence to Culture with Gambling

Now Addiction

Those who are stupid enough to gamble away what they themselves need are exchanging their money for a chance at more money. This is not logical when the odds are so bad that a bank can exploit the difference between the probability of profit and loss. The strong desire and a little stupidity, however, leads to blurred thinking 1 , which is not up to the situation. Add to this the addiction . Adults who lose their money must be protected!


Those who want to become rich with gambling behave irresponsibly towards the other players. The asocial desire to exempt others arises. If gain for foreign damage becomes a desire, amorality is the result.

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